About Fans Finderr

The Science

At AgileHatch, data isn’t just the newest buzzword we bandy about to make us sound smart. We’ve been honing the art of extracting insights from data since our first day, long before it became the darling of the marketing world. Data can tell many stories, but the key to helping our clients succeed is our ability to identify the story that will connect with consumers. As data sources have grown and evolved, we’ve stayed ahead of the game by adopting new technologies that enable us to analyze data and build a deep understanding of consumer needs and motivations.

The Art

This knowledge is used to develop a strategic framework to accomplish our clients’ objectives. Our team then transforms the strategy into quite literally, an art form – compelling storytelling that inspires consumers to engage and act. The results of this fusion of science and art? A campaign that engages customers, delivers measurable business outcomes, and builds long-lasting relationships.

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We are always looking to have interesting discussions with the community. Feel free to reach out directly to contact@agile-hatch.com if you have any ideas, comments or feedback.